Triple H Says WWE Is Open to Crossovers

Credit: WWE

Triple H has declared WWE “open for business” when it comes to potential partnerships with other wrestling companies.

Speaking to journalists during his customary pre-TakeOver media call, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development said the company are open to crossovers, but only if it’s beneficial to them in the long run.

“We’re open for business. We’re open to the right opportunities. At any given time. But they have to be beneficial for us in the long term,” he said in response to a question about inter-promotional alliances from journalist Alistair McGeorge.

It certainly wouldn’t the first time WWE has worked with other wrestling companies. They famously provided financial for ECW back in the late ’90s/early 2000s. And they recently purchased popular independent promotion EVOLVE. Not to mention their working relationships with European indies like Progress and wXw.

The question was inspired by the recent revelation that All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling will be working on crossover content together.

Triple H was talking to reporters in anticipation of the upcoming NXT TakeOver: War Games event, which takes place on Sunday, December 6th.