Triple H Reportedly Spotted After Dinner With Ronda Rousey and Her Agent (VIDEO)

ronda rousey royal rumble wwe triple h meeting agent

A secret dinner session between Ronda Rousey, her agent and Triple H reportedly went down last night in Los Angeles … adding further speculation to a women’s Royal Rumble appearance.

TMZ published video which claims to show Triple H sneaking out of Republique around 8:30 pm. Ronda and her agent were next to leave, but neither were looking to reveal much.

When asked about Ronda’s future in WWE, however, the agent gave one big shoulder shrug.

As we previously reported, Rousey is scheduled to be filming a Mark Wahlberg movie in Colombia while the Rumble is taking place. However, our report noted that a deal being worked out at the last minute was possible and a meeting during SmackDown Live would seem to indicate that they’re at least trying to book her for something.

It’s also possible they just had a friendly meal after Triple H’s and Stephanie McMahon‘s panel at the Television Critic’s Association event in California.

Stay tuned.