Triple H Praises Influence of Late Pat Patterson

Credit: WWE

Triple H has spoken in detail about Pat Patterson and his influence on the industry for the first time since the legend’s passing.

“The Game” said in an interview with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports on Thursday that he believes Patterson was the most influential man in wrestling other than Vince McMahon.

“Most influential people? Probably Vince is top of the list. I don’t know how you could have anybody be higher than that,” he said. “But Pat would be — man he’s in there as a tight second to me.”

“There isn’t a day that goes by for me at the Performance Center — whether I’m talking to talent or I’m producing television or we’re writing something or I’m doing anything that has to do with WWE — where there isn’t some piece of Pat that’s attached to it,” he said later.

WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development also talked about the touching Pat Paterson tribute which opened this week’s edition of NXT, admitting that he told all members of staff in the Performance Center that, even if they had never met Patterson, they should participate in the guard of honor because “this could be the most influential guy to your career.”

Check out Ryan Satin’s interview with Triple H below.