Triple H NXT TakeOver: Portland Conference Call Notes and Full Audio

triple h nxt takeover portland conference call media notes audio

Triple H spoke with the media on Wednesday to promote this weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Portland event and answered tons of pertinent questions related to the brand.

Notable details include: 

  • In regards to NXT dropping the gender-specific designations, Triple H says it was about not having to beat it into the ground every time the titles are announced. Claims there was no official edict that was sent out and that the internet ran a little wild with what was happening.
  • When asked about losing in demos to AEW on Wednesday nights: “It’s about the long game and what we have to do is get to the people in the younger demos. When you’re promoted in younger demos and you are viewed in those younger demos promotionally, then those are the people that you attract.”
  • Triple H notes that if you break down the numbers for NXT on USA, they’re very similar to Raw since they’re on the same network.
  • Confirms the reason for no Halftime Heat this year was due to the partnership with FOX and not wanting to take away any of their audience
  • In regards to whether Shayna Baszler is Raw talent now, “that’ll play out.” Triple H says he looks at this in a sports team-like way in the sense that you have to make deal to get talent to move. Believes she’s still NXT talent until they make a deal for her to go elsewhere. Also teases the idea of Becky Lynch coming to Full Sail to get revenge. 
  • Triple H says he’s excited to get Killer Kross and Timothy Thatcher in the mix, as they both have incredible upside. He was also shocked it didn’t leak prior.
  • While talking about Killer Kross … Triple H said you have to mention Scarlett as well, who he believes is a very talented performer.
  • Confirms an upcoming episode of NXT will be on the road because there’s something happening at Full Sail that couldn’t be rescheduled.
  • Triple H says Vince McMahon has not expressed his disapproval of anything Matt Riddle has said about Brock Lesnar, or otherwise, which he would’ve done if there was a problem. Confirms there was a conversation between Brock/Matt Riddle backstage at Royal Rumble and that he doesn’t know if they’re working or if the beef is legit. 

NXT TakeOver: Portland airs Sunday at 7pm ET on WWE Network. 

Listen to the full call below.