Triple H Says Larger Performance Center is NOT in the Works (Except in His Mind)

Triple H wwe performance center bobby roode

Bobby Roode recently claimed he heard WWE is looking to build a new Performance Center, which is apparently only half true — as Triple H says the plans merely exist in his mind right now.

As we previously reported, Roode told us WWE is looking to build a bigger PC as their developmental system continues to grow. Hunter was asked about this during a conference call with the media on Wednesday to promote NXT TakeOver: Chicago and his response was pretty funny.

“The thing with Bobby Roode is all of Bobby Roode’s information is glorious … it’s just not accurate always,” the WWE exec answered. “We have no current plans for a larger facility that are in the works, but it’s constantly something we’re looking at.”

Adding, “Is it in my mind? Absolutely. Have we started actually doing that yet or physically going down that road? We have not. But I do appreciate Bobby’s enthusiasm for it.”

Listen to the full call below (currently cued to this moment).