Triple H Challenges Pat McAfee to Wrestle Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: XXX (VIDEO)

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Pat McAfee punt kicked Adam Cole while he was being held down on last night’s edition of NXT and now Triple H is challenging him to wrestle the leader of Undisputed Era at TakeOver.

During an appearance Thursday morning on ESPN’s “Get Up,” the WWE exec talked about last night’s encounter and McAfee dreaming of being a wrestler growing up.

He also said it is evident Pat wants the attention on himself wherever he goes.

“But in this situation, Pat is craving the spotlight in the WWE, and in NXT, and he’s doing it by going after Adam Cole. Because he got Adam to bite on some comments and now he is in his head,” Triple H added. “Pat McAfee wants to be famous. He wants his name in lights, he wants it to trend on social media. I’m the guy that can make his dream come true. So Pat, now’s your opportunity. You want to be famous? It just so happens, coincidentally, as things happen in the WWE, and in NXT, We have a big TakeOver pay-per-view in a few weeks. August 22nd. NXT TakeOver: XXX.”

“My call out to Pat McAfee is: Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s see how bad you are. Pat McAfee vs. Adam Cole on that stage. Massive match. Let’s see what you got, Pat. You think you’re the tough guy? There’s gonna be no pads. There’s gonna be nobody kicking a ball. It’s just gonna be two guys, one-on-one, going at it. My bet is that while Pat can run his mouth well, and I’m sure he’s a tough guy, that he walks out with Adam Cole’s boots sticking out of his butt.”

Adam Cole also chimed on the challenge via Twitter.

“Let me make this crystal clear for everyone, especially you [Pat McAfee] … Hunter is the one who can make this match happen, but I will be the one kicking your ass at #TakeOverXXX … if you’re as bad as you think you are, accept. I dare you,” he wrote.

Watch this portion of the interview below.