Triple H and William Regal Unveil New NXT Cruiserweight Championship (VIDEO)

new nxt cruiserweight championship belt title wwe angel garza triple h william regal

Before his title match tonight at Worlds Collide, Triple H and William Regal gave Angel Garza a new NXT Cruiserweight title belt.

WWE shared video of Triple H telling Garza they’ve been working on a new belt behind the scenes in order for the cruiserweights to solely represent NXT going forward. 

“As NXT has grown and has changed, and now with NXT UK and everything that’s been going on, we’ve been working on a new NXT Championship for you,” he said. “This is now fully cruiserweights representing solely the NXT brand.”

As you can see below, the NXT logo has replaced the WWE logo on the main front-plate. Plus, the strap no longer appears to be bright purple.

Watch the video below.