Triple H Avoids Responding to Cody Rhodes Throne Smashing During Media Call

cody rhodes triple h takeover 25 media call aew double or nothing throne smash

Cody Rhodes fired a shot at Triple H over the weekend at AEW’s Double or Nothing, but the WWE exec wasn’t interested in responding this morning during a call with the media.

Paul Levesque took part in a call to promote NXT TakeOver: XXV and was asked about he and Cody throwing jabs at each other — first with Triple H at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and this weekend when Rhodes smashed a Triple H-like throne. 

Hunter stated his comments at the Hall of Fame were simply him addressing the elephant in the room with the presence of Billy Gunn. He also said it was just DX doing what DX does. 

As for AEW, however, he wouldn’t address the moment directly. “For me, I don’t really even think about it to be honest. When it comes to this Takeover I just want to put out the best product possible.”

He also noted that he’s not thinking about anyone else’s creative or what people did/didn’t say.

“I’m focused on this Saturday at Takeover 25 and the brand and making everybody bigger stars coming out of it. Putting on the best show we possibly can for fans and continuing to grow the brand.”

This portion of the call can be heard around the 13-minute mark.