Trespassing WWE Fan — Vowed to Return … After Prior Plan Failed

trespassing wwe fan oscar ramirez

Oscar Ramirez — the guy arrested for jumping into the ring at Night of Champions — vowed to get noticed by WWE officials after two of his prior plans to get attention failed … Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned.

The trespassing WWE fan posted on Facebook in April saying he attempted to visit the company’s headquarters in Stamford, but got turned away — so he made plans to catch the eye of execs at an upcoming live event.

Weeks later, the 37 year-old updated his page with a photo of tickets to the SmackDown taping in Houston days after the event … saying, “No front seats were available to me. Thats fine though. Ive gone through life with a lot LESS. I’ll b at y’all s door, one more time. Just b ready….”

As we previously reported … Ramirez pled guilty to trespassing after entering the ring Sunday and getting face-to-face with Roman Reigns at the live event.

He was sentenced to ten days in jail — but only had to serve three.

After his release, the trespassing WWE fan had no remorse — saying, “I told everyone just what lengths i would go to for my kids. Now THE WORLD KNOWS IT….. BOOM!!!”

wwe fan arrested oscar ramirez night of champions