Total Nonstop Deletion — Filming Postponed to Save Money, Shoot Still Scheduled for Next Month

total nonstop deletion tna impact wrestling lawsuit postponed still happening

TNA Wrestling may appear to be broken at the moment, but sources close to the production of Total Nonstop Deletion tell us that won’t stop them from filming the Hardy special next month … despite things being postponed a few weeks.

The Sheet has confirmed that TND filming was postponed due to money reasons, but one source explains to us that lack of funds wasn’t necessarily the reason.

We’re told producers wanted to do more with the budget given to them, so they made plans to book things in advance for later in the month — instead of next week.

This includes paying for the TV truck, flights and other production costs.

One source not in production, however, informed us that those involved with the postponed shoot were told that TNA didn’t have the money to fly talent to the Hardy compound next week due to their funds being frozen by the court once Billy Corgan was given a temporary restraining order.

Another thing to factor in … we’re told TNA will be in breach of their TV contract if they don’t produce an episode for December 15th — the episodes in the can leading up to TND end on December 8th — so there’s no way it won’t be filmed.  Even if Corgan takes over.

Thank the seven deities.