Tortuga Ninja Rafy — I Got Beat Up For Calling Paige Beautiful … But It Was Just a Misunderstanding

Tortuga Ninja Rafy alberto del rio fight el patron tmnt wrestler wrestling luchador

Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is known to be cool, but rude — and the luchador who plays a character based on the cartoon says something he muttered to Paige this weekend was taken the same way … causing Alberto Del Rio to kick his ass.

Tortuga Ninja Rafy called into the En+Carados podcast and explained that it all happened after he bumped into Paige, then called her beautiful as he let her pass, which pissed off ADR.

Alberto tweeted this week saying Rafy touched Paige inappropriately, but the TMNT wrestler says that’s not true — and claims the fight began once Del Rio pulled his ninja turtle mask off in anger.

The two sides were eventually pulled apart and apologized to each other. Rafy says he definitely lost the fight, but has no plans to sue and wants the gossip around this to stop.

We’re assuming Master Splinter feels the same way.

[h/t to @therealfredo and Yolanda Bender for the translation]