Tony Schiavone — I’m Training to Work at Starbucks

Tony Schiavone starbucks barista wcw announcer wrestling

Tony Schiavone has a new announcing job … the former WCW commentator says he’s now calling out the orders at a Starbucks while training to become a barista.

Schiavone revealed his new gig while speaking with and says their benefits package lured him into seeking out a job with the coffee company.

The 58 year-old hasn’t left the sports world entirely though, he still does announcing for a local minor league baseball team and the University of Georgia. Tony adds, “It’s a great place to work, I’ve always loved Starbucks. I’ve got time and I want to fill up my time working, I really do, I want to stay busy.”

Coffee fans, this is the greatest night in the history of our roast.