Tony Schiavone Describes AEW’s COVID-19 Testing Protocols Before Dynamite

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Tony Schiavone has gone into more detail about the COVID-19 testing protocols done before Dynamite this week.

As we previously reported … COVID-19 rapid tests were done on every stagehand, road crew, venue staff and talent to ensure as safe of an environment as possible. Tony Khan also announced prior to the show that everyone in the building had tested negative.

Speaking on the AEW Dynamite post-show, Schiavone explained the following in regards to how the testing was handled:

Just to let you guys know, many of us came in yesterday and we had to be tested for COVID. Once we got tested for COVID, we got the yellow stripe [wristband] that we were clean. Then, today, have our temperature taken and you had the blue one [wristband] to say you can get in as well.

So we were really very, very careful. 

In the commentary out here, everybody’s wearing a mask. So that’s some of the things we’re doing to certainly make it safer for us.

Schiavone also confirmed next week’s episode of Dynamite will not be live.

Watch the the Dynamite post-show below.