Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff Make Amends in “Fight For The Fallen” Preview

tony khan eric bischoff apology make amends aew wcw fight for the fallen preview

Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff may have gotten off on the wrong foot earlier this year, but now the AEW President and the former WCW President have officially made amends.

AEW released a special “Fight For The Fallen” preview on Tuesday with Khan, Bischoff and host Conrad Thompson.

Before getting into the card though, Tony addressed the interview that set things off badly in March of this year. As you may recall, Khan was quoted in an interview with The Financial Times as saying AEW was taking examples of what not to do from WCW.

Bischoff took umbrage with this and fired back on his podcast 83 Weeks.

Khan explains in the video that he spoke with a reporter from The Financial Times on his dad’s boat Super Bowl weekend for about an hour. During the conversation, he felt as though the reporter was trying to get him to say things that would stoke the AEW vs. WWE war and he wasn’t taking the bait.  

Tony says the reporter then shifted the conversation to business questions and WCW. While talking about WCW, Khan claims he spoke about the great business the promotion did from 93-98 and during the backend of that conversation he said the quote while talking about the promotion’s final years.

“I wouldn’t be here and there would not be an AEW without you and there would not be wrestling on TNT right now without you,” Khan told Bischoff. “You gave me the opening to talk to the President of TNT to talk about the previous success you’d had on his network, which he didn’t realize because it’s been twenty years and he was obviously not at TNT or TBS or WarnerMedia when this was happening. When WCW was such a huge entity.”

“I’m sorry if it came across like I didn’t think that way, because I definitely think that. And I’m just such a huge believer in what you’ve built. So, thank you,” Tony added.

Bischoff, of course, accepts the apology and they go on to preview the upcoming AEW show. 

Watch the whole video below.