Tony Khan Claims Matt Hardy Did Not Suffer a Concussion at All Out

matt hardy did not suffer concussion all out sammy guevara claims tony khan

AEW President Tony Khan claims Matt Hardy did not suffer a concussion at All Out as feared and says the wrestler will appear on Dynamite this week to thank fans for their support.

Khan tweeted the following on Sunday:

An update on Matt Hardy: it’s great news! Matt’s ok, we sent him to the hospital as a precaution & he’s passed the MRI + CT scans, he doesn’t have a concussion, and he’s being driven home now. Matt will be at Dynamite on Wednesday night to thank you amazing fans for your support!

It’s worth nothing, however, that Matt’s wife tweeted this morning saying her husband 1000% suffered a concussion and even called out a reporter who claimed Matt’s scans came back clean.

Reby Hardy has been critical of AEW for letting her husband continue with the match after taking a fall from high in the air which saw he and his opponent overshoot a table to land on concrete. He was then unconscious for a brief period of time and unable to walk when he tried getting up. 

The match ultimately continued as the two wrestlers rushed to the finish – Sammy Guevara falling from a tower that they both climbed halfway up.