Tony Khan Buys The Rights To ‘Where Is My Mind’ For Orange Cassidy

AEW boss Tony Khan has signed a multiyear agreement to use the Pixies hit “Where Is My Mind” as Orange Cassidy’s entrance music.

Khan spoke about the licensing agreement in a recent interview with Pitchfork.

“A few weeks ago, I played it for him, he said he loved it. I asked if he wanted to me to try to license it, he gave me his ‘thumbs up,’” Khan said. “I signed a multiyear agreement to use the song, and every use of the song in AEW will live in our content library forever in perpetuity.”

OC came out to the song for the first time during the recent AEW Dark: Elevation tapings on Wednesday, March 24.

“Where Is My Mind?” and is the seventh track on Pixies’ 1987 album Surfer Rosa.

As we previously reported, Khan also recently purchased the rights to the song that was used by Jungle Boy as entrance music during his tenure on the independent scene: “Tarzan Boy” by ’80s synth-pop group Baltimora.