Tony Khan Buys The Rights To “Tarzan Boy” For Jungle Boy

Tony Khan has purchased the rights to the song that was used by Jungle Boy as entrance music during his tenure on the independent scene.

Khan took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to reveal that he now owns the rights to “Tarzan Boy” by ’80s synth-pop group Baltimora.

“Yes, I bought the rights to Tarzan Boy for [Jungle Boy’s] entrance. Merry Christmas, Jack,” AEW’s President wrote.

“Tarzan Boy” was initially released in 1985 as the lead single from Baltimora’s debut album Living in the Background. Jungle Boy used it as his entrance music at independent shows, and audiences would often sing along to the song’s catchy Tarzan cry refrain.

On this week’s edition of AEW Dark, Jungle Boy made his way to the ring to the song for the first time since he signed with the company.