Tony Khan Reveals AEW Will Have Women’s Tag Team Championship

tony khan aew all elite wrestling women's tag team titles championship belt

AEW has stated their mission of having the best tag team division in wrestling, but that isn’t just for the men — they’ll also have a women’s tag division.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast finally returned this week with a new episode and AEW President Tony Khan was the featured guest. 

During the interview, Khan revealed All Elite Wrestling will have Women’s Tag Team belts down the road to go with the planned Women’s Championship.

“I want to focus on a serious main event picture,” he explained. “Both in the singles and the tag team, and then when we establish the women’s singles — ya know, this may be the first time that it gets announced, but just so you know — eventually we will establish a Women’s Tag Team title and focusing on the Women’s singles and the Women’s Tag Team title.”

“I’m not gonna pretend we’re not gonna do it when we talk about being serious about tag team wrestling,” Khan continued. “As we focus on having the best World Championship in singles and tag team, men and women, that’s gonna be the focus of our promotion when I talk about wins and losses mattering.”

Tony Khan also confirmed AEW’s TV show on TNT in the fall will be live, 2 hours and emanate from arenas across the United States, not just from one central location.

Listen to the interview below.