New WWE Mini-Doc Reveals Tommaso Ciampa’s Sensitive Side (VIDEO)

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Former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa has opened up in a new Performance Center mini-documentary about the struggles he and his wife faced while trying to start a family.

In the video, the man known as “The Blackheart” revealed a sensitive side while preparing to undergo neck surgery at Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Alabama.

The documentary begins with an emotional Triple H informing the talent and crew at Full Sail of Ciampa’s injury. We then see Ciampa getting settled in the hospital with his wife and baby daughter.

After discussing his injury at length, Ciampa begins to open up about the challenges faced by he and his wife while trying to conceive.

“My wife and I wanted to have a child for a long time and we couldn’t. We finally discovered that the only option we had was in vitro,” Ciampa says.

“In vitro was may more than we ever thought. Not just financially, but just what a process emotionally,” he says. “Miscarriages are harder than — I don’t know, you can’t really compare them to anything. I takes a toll. Specifically on the mom. It was the hardest thing that we ever went through, for sure.”

Check out part one the Performance Center’s Ciampa documentary below.