Tommaso Ciampa Injured at NXT House Show, TakeOver Status Still Unclear (VIDEO)

tommaso ciampa injured nxt takeover chicago

NXT wrestler Tommaso Ciampa hurt his ankle Thursday at a live event — and Triple H says it’s unclear if he’ll be wrestling this weekend at TakeOver: Chicago.

Ciampa had been in a tag team match against SAnitY in Highland Heights, KY when it appeared that he buckled his knee during a dive to the outside of the ring.

The ref immediately stopped the match and Ciampa was taken to the back while hobbling.

Concern was immediately raised over the severity of the injury and if Ciampa would be good to go for TakeOver this Saturday, so Triple H  addressed it in a scheduled conference call this morning.

According to those on the call … Triple H said Ciampa turned his ankle. However, x-rays showed no break or fracture and Tommaso says he’s good to go. The final call is up to their medical team though.

Keep your fingers crossed and send some positive vibes to Ciampa in the comments.