Tommaso Ciampa Hopes Famous “In Your House” Set Will Be Used at NXT TakeOver

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“In Your House” is coming back next month, only this time under the NXT banner, and Tommaso Ciampa tells us he’s hoping the famous house set will make a return as well.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Ciampa via Zoom this week about multiple topics. In discussing the upcoming “In Your House” event, “The Blackheart” told us his what his initial reaction was upon learning the name was being revived.

“When I was a kid there were four pay-per-views. There were three-month builds and stories. I just loved it. And then ‘In Your House’ entered and I was in the midst of all my fandom and stuff,” he told us. “I think, when I heard [the announcement], I was like ‘oh man, I hope they bring back the graphics and the set.’ And then fans made graphics and I was like ‘oh, that’s awesome!’ And then NXT did the same and I was like ‘whoa, they get it, yeah!’ I don’t know what that means as far as the set goes. Fingers crossed I show up that day and the house thing is there.”

This month marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first “In Your House” event, which went away in 1999 to focus on specific pay-per-view names without the IYH handle in front. The name, however, still evokes fond memories from fans and performers alike.

“My favorite part is that it definitely brings back the inner fan. That’s really hard as a performer, you know sixteen years, or whatever it’s been. It’s hard sometimes to keep in touch with that. There’s something about ‘In Your House’ that really, really brings it out,” Ciampa tells us.

As for his opponent Karrion Kross, Tommaso is brutally honest about the massive feat ahead of him.

“He’s very big. There’s a lot of him that reminds me of AOP. That didn’t end so well for me,” he says with a smile. “Something comes along with being the guy who becomes the test for people. I feel like that’s the position I’m in in this one. Not to say it will happen like this, but you have the match and people say ‘hey, how’d he do?’ It feels a lot like that. Man, is he big. He’s big! You know how some people say they’re strong? He’s strong.”

“There’s a moment, if you watch the promo back [from last week’s episode of NXT], I don’t know exactly the wording that I chose, but I wanted to say ‘I wanted to come out here and look you eye-to-eye,’ but I think I just said ‘I want to come out and look you in the eyes’ because I’m like, I’m not eye-to-eye with you. I’m like eye-to-chest or eye-to-chin,” Ciampa adds. “I don’t want to go into all that, but that’s the thought process that I had while I’m speaking, like ‘what the hell’s going on up there?’ He definitely knows that it’s raining before I do.”

While speaking with the former NXT champ, he also reflected on where he’s currently at on the card.

“You can only be the main event until you’re not. Roman [Reigns] can’t be the main event of twenty straight WrestleManias. You got to pick and choose your moments,” he said. “I got to do cool stuff with Adam [Cole] and Johnny [Gargano] and now I’m doing this thing with Karrion Kross. But I know the best version of me is the version we got to see in 2018. I don’t know if Karrion Kross somehow gets me back to that. I want to do it just as bad as I think people want to see me do it. It’s just a matter of waiting and biding my time …”

“NXT TakeOver: In Your House” airs June 7 LIVE on WWE Network at 7pm ET.

Watch the full twenty-minute conversation with Ciampa below where he talks about PC trainees being used as fans on WWE TV, the possibility of wrestling Edge in NXT, “One Final Beat” airing after the other cinematic matches at WrestleMania and much more.