Ex-WWF Wrestler Tom Magee Brutally Beaten Over a Parking Spot

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Former WWF wrestler Tom Magee — who competed in the late 80s — was brutally beaten by a group of men this week, allegedly over a parking spot.

Witnesses told CBS LA as many as six men beat Magee to a bloody pulp Tuesday in front of his Mar Vista home following a confrontation. One person told the publication Magee serves as a neighborhood watchdog of sorts and the conflict was over who is allowed to park in the spot.

Neighbors say Magee was being punched/kicked so hard it looked like “attempted murder,” but the beatdown ceased once people started coming out of their homes to see what was happening.

The 59-year-old suffered a broken jaw and eye socket, as well as a concussion, but is now home recovering — according to CBS.

Two men have reportedly been taken into custody, but the other suspects remain on the run.

For those unfamiliar, Magee was trained by the legendary Stu Hart and wrestled with WWF for about 5 years. His win over Bret Hart in 1986 at a house show has become the most sought after video for tape traders, because it’s never been released.

Watch the news piece below to see Tom’s graphic injury photo.

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  1. No names, no pictures, no descriptions, the creeps must be illegals .

  2. So is the point you are all trying to make is that, the suspects might all be people of color?? If so?? Shame on your racism!! What IF? these 6 bastards all turned out to be white?? Would you condemn and stereotype all white people as 2nd class citizens??! What is some were white, and some were black or Hispanic??! How would you all perceive that news??! I will never judge others by their race! Race happens to be what someone is born into. Character is all that matters!!! So regardless of their color, these animals should be punished to the full extent of the law, period!! But again, to be clear! Race in NO WAY determines how a person chooses to conduct themselves!! UNLESS, like so many of you apparently feel choose to racism to fuel your’ bigotry and hatred as a means to project blame onto others?!! Besides, since when is race a determining factor as to how people choose to conduct themselves?? Were the slave owners and KKK who murdered innocent black people and children not white?! Were NAZI’s people of color?? Are most of our’ mass shooters not white?? Have not people “of color,” also been targeted, beaten, and sometimes murdered by white people for nothing more than simply being “of color”?!?! Give it a rest!! This beating was DISPICABLE and the perpetuators should pay the consequence for this heinous act!!!! Regardless, if we as a country are to ever overcome our’ endless divisiveness, and episodes of “senseless” brutality towards one another, we have to turn away from PREJUDICE, and HATRED, and work towards finding COMMONATILITY!!! Being free of prejudice is the only path towards creating a more civilized and prosperous future for ALL OF US!!!

  3. Damn. That’s terrible. Thankfully they caught two of these creeps.

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