TK Cooper Injured During PROGRESS NYC Show (VIDEO)

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The tag team title match during PROGRESS Wrestling’s New York debut came to an abrupt stop on Saturday night … because TK Cooper suffered an ankle injury.

The South Pacific Power Team member was taking a dive to the outside last night when a bad landing caused his ankle to dislocate. The match was immediately stopped and Cooper was carried out by the locker room before EMTs arrived.

PROGRESS co-owner Glen Joseph accompanied Cooper to the hospital where he updated on his condition, tweeting, “Hour number 3 in an ER room somewhere in Queens. @PureTKC‘s foot is on straight again. This is, indeed, progress. Ain’t out the woods yet as to surgery etc but @PureTKC definitely appreciates the outpouring of support. Tough kid. An idiot, but tough.”

Cooper’s injury was just one of the many speed bumps PROGRESS hit in their US debut. Pete Dunne was injured on Friday before the show, there were reports of the venue being overheated and the entire crew got stranded trying to make it to Boston after the show.

As for TK … he tweeted this morning saying, “Yo New York, I’m hella sorry! I owe you guys big time. Lemme just sort this ankle and I’ll be back in a bit.”