The Miz Regains Money In The Bank Briefcase

After a rough few weeks, The Miz had a stroke of good fortune when his Money In The Bank briefcase was returned to him due to a technicality.

It all went down on Monday’s edition of Raw when Adam Pearce decided that The Miz was still the briefcase’s rightful owner.

The Miz was licking his wounds backstage after losing to Gran Metalik earlier in the night. WWE Official Adam Pearce appeared and informed Miz that he could have the briefcase back as he technically never cashed it in.

As you might recall, Miz seemingly “cashed in” at TLC on December 20, but it was actually John Morrison who handed the briefcase to the referee. On last week’s Raw, Miz pointed out that this technicality should cause the cash-in to be invalidated. Clearly, Adam Pearce agreed.

Following the decision, a clearly elated Miz and Morrison celebrated by dancing up and down the staircase they had been sitting on.

In case you forgot, The Miz won the briefcase Hell in a Cell from the winner of the 2020 Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Otis.

Check out the video of Miz regaining the briefcase below.