The Miz Cashes In Money In The Bank At TLC

The WWE Championship remains in the hands of Drew McIntyre after a grueling TLC match that featured a failed Money In The Bank cash-in.

McIntyre and his opponent AJ Styles beat the hell out of each other so much that The Miz decided it would be a good opportunity to cash-in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Drew and AJ were both down when Miz cahsed-in. The match became a triple-threat TLC match, and The Miz began climbing the ladder. Unfortunately for The Miz, he forgot that AJ Styles has a bodyguard.

Omos grabbed The Miz off the ladder and tossed him through a table on the outside of the ring with ease. By the time Miz recovered, AJ and Drew were back on their feet trying to grab the gold.

After some more brawling between the three men in the match, Drew was able to ascend the ladder and grab the title.

Check out the Miz’s failed cash-in in the clip below.