WATCH: The Butcher and The Blade’s Actions Explained by Allie aka “The Bunny”

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AEW’s newest team The Butcher and The Blade were featured in a vignette this week on Dynamite where “The Bunny” explained the reason for their attack on Cody Rhodes.

In case you missed it, the team beat Cody down last week after popping out of the ring.

Allie aka “The Bunny” did all the talking this week, however, to explain why they did it. 

“What you witnessed last week was our first order of chaos,” she explained. “We were sick of seeing your face everywhere. On every billboard, every talk show. It’s disgusting.”

“We’re in your house to cause you pain and destruction. This is The Butcher, This is The Blade, and I’m The Bunny, and we are here to cut the head off the snake,” she added.

The Blade is former Impact Wrestling star Braxton Sutter. The Butcher is Andy Williams, who is also a guitar player in the band Every Time I Die. The two have teamed together in popular indie promotions like Beyond and Bar Wrestling.

Watch their first AEW promo below.