Impact Wrestling Terminates Contract of World Champ Tessa Blanchard

tessa blanchard impact wrestling terminated contract fired slammiversary

Tessa Blanchard has been stripped of the Impact World Championship and terminated from her contract with the promotion.

Impact released a statement to PWInsider, which they later posted on their site, saying:

“Impact Wrestling confirmed that it has terminated its relationship with Tessa Blanchard and stripped her of the Impact Wrestling World Championship.”

Blanchard had not competed for Impact since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Her contract was set to expire before Slammiversary next month, but she had been advertised for the event as taking part in a title defense against Trey Miguel, Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin and a fourth competitor. 

The 24-year-old wrestler is living in Mexico at the moment and reportedly did not send in promo footage for a recent episode of Impact, which landed her in hot water.

Blanchard won the Impact World title in January amidst a wave of controversy.

As we previously reported, ex-Impact star Sienna aka Allysin Kay went public that weekend about an incident that took place in Japan in 2017 involving Tessa and a wrestler named Black Rose. According to Sienna, Tessa called Black Rose the n-word in the locker room and spit in her face. The woman in question backed her claims and other women stepped forward with allegations of bullying.

Tessa has denied the allegations, saying she’s never used a racial slur of any kind in her life. 

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  1. It isnt nice to call people names. Yet people shouldn’t be cry babies either. Grown ass adults crying and boo hooing… get some thick skin. Or ignore the ignorance. Crying about it dont solve it

  2. Joe blow being called the n word is a hard pill to swallow if u can’t understand the history of it. Then being spit on his a whole other level. I. From Inglewood CA if u spit on some face it here! That can cause you your life. She deserves everything happing to her.

  3. James Bennett | June 25, 2020 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    Im black and i can tell you fuck the n word….. spit on me im killing you and gladly go to jail.

  4. Mike C. Rotch | June 25, 2020 at 8:55 pm | Reply

    She has never using the n word is like saying white cops have never shot a black person.

  5. Lol

  6. Homer e Clifton | June 25, 2020 at 8:59 pm | Reply

    It’s a word the if someone calls u a bitch do u get offended probably not unless you are a bitch. Someone calls you the n word don’t get offended unless u are. Nigger isn’t a racial slur for African Americans people. Google it. It can be for anyone. African Americans made it a racial thing. I know more white ppl who are NS then anything. It’s how you act how you dress and carry yourselves. Not your skin color. Your ignorance insults us all.

  7. If Tessa Blanchard was milking covid 19 as an excuse to not work when others in the promotion was working their butts off then she desrved yo be stripped of her title and fired!



  10. Steve From Delray | June 25, 2020 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    Unfortunately, her being trumptrash, the hate based on jealousy and envy is in her blood. It can never washed away even spending hours with a scrub brush. Yes, feel sorry for her but if you’re ever faced with a similar situation, make her bleed and break a bone or two just to make your point clear in case they do not understand. PS Color me white.

  11. She’s a raciest like her dad

  12. @Homer e Clifton You tried it, but your ignorance insults us all.

  13. I wanna know what rock Homer crawled from under. You need to learn some history before you run your mouth. We’ve been called nigger since slavery. And no it’s not used for e everyone. And yes I’d be mad at being called a bitch too cuz last time I checked I’m not a dog. Now YOUR ignorance is an embarrassment to yourself

  14. Dwayne Harris | June 25, 2020 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    This story came out before she won the belt yet they out it in her anyway

  15. What the hell is going on! You people have lost your minds everyone has done something stupid! I can’t believe you idiot’s are bowing down to the leftist PC extremist clowns that are trying to destroy our country and turn us into their slaves & puppets! Now to wrestling this sport is for tough people not for sissies! I can understand know one deserves to discriminated against and I get that but there’s something more going on here and this shit needs end. What pisses me off is suddenly the people being accused are all being crapped on but what about the people that knew about these people and covered them for years and now suddenly they’re turning on them when they were the first ones covering for these people being accused so now these clowns are playing that their the victims! You know what FU you are worse than these people that are being accused because you road there coat tails to make tons of money off of them and you assholes knew exactly what all these people were doing and you all allowed it and you even took part in the bs and thought a lot of it was funny which is the most disgusting part. Hey I am the first one to say know is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but some of this stuff has gone on for decades and yes we sick assholes in society but we need to stop bowing down to the PC culture and stop ruining people’s career’s because someone says something. People will always say things and they will continue to say things that’s why we live in a free country. We need to stop bowing down to these leftist radical leftist communist with their PC culture and we need to take our country back! Wrestling is for tough people not for pussies that’s why people have stopped watching wrestling because there’s a bunch of pussies in wrestling it’s not what was they have let the PC pussy machine come in and control the culture and that’s why you have wrestlers saying we’re story telling what kind of bs is that! That’s why people aren’t interested in wrestling anymore because of the pussy shit that’s going.

  16. Lol i see alot of butthurt sjw here lmao

  17. Joe blow shut the fuck up you don’t call someone a nigger and expect nothing to happen. If she called me that I make sure my voice was heard loud and clear!!!

  18. THE_ALMIGHTY_SMACK | June 25, 2020 at 10:07 pm | Reply

    wow this site finally has some comments

    sucks for Tessa but she should have known it was coming
    she is young and when she did that was even younger
    now she will pay for it but I do hope she redeems herself down the road screw the cancel culture movement

  19. Well said Frank. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    One thing though, I hear black young people call themselves the “N” word 10 times a second but if you’re white and you say it once. All hell breaks loose.

  20. Joshua Smith | June 25, 2020 at 10:18 pm | Reply

    I’m sure she just out of the blue walked up to someone called her a n….r and spit in her face. No reason at all.

  21. All of the wrestling world fears Tessa Blanchard and wants to see her fail and that would make alit of people happy hating Tessa cause she is the best all around wrestler today over man and woman

  22. Anti snowflake | June 25, 2020 at 10:23 pm | Reply

    Did some asshole really just try to say they’d kill someone over being spat on? I can understand wanting to smack the person but straight up murder? Psycho

  23. Patrick montalbano | June 25, 2020 at 10:28 pm | Reply

    First of all,this is a mans belt,that she won,but with all the girly boy cry babies,they want the belt back.she is strong,and awsòme wrestler,so someone will pick her up,better than shitty impact.there show sucks anyway..bullshit is just that,and she is the best at her would be a dream match,charolet vs tessa,what a ticket seller..

  24. Darrin Franklin | June 25, 2020 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    If you believe that the N word is no big deal, you are a racist. If you feel that saying that word to a Black person is no big deal, find a neighborhood full of black people and use that word, let’s see what happens.

  25. Fkin nigger mentality. As a black man I am disgusted how racist MY people are and NEVER get called on it. My boys and I use the word all the time. But when a cracker use it .. people lose they God damned minds LOL. Yo real talk.. the white people are an endangered species and no matter what are percieved as the enemy now. And we the most racist of all and no one say it out of fear. Real talk tho.. white bitches give it up now out of guilt for shit they never even did. And imma knock em all up for fun!

  26. Preach it frank its wrestling to hell with these damn pussies that messed up wrestling and society.

  27. Cenas butthole | June 25, 2020 at 11:15 pm | Reply

    Nonstop idiocy….who cares about what some chick said really…does it end the pandemic? Does it feed people? Petty ass people just looking for an excuse to start poppin off the dumb racist ass black luves matter shit…

  28. Henry Craig Jr | June 25, 2020 at 11:22 pm | Reply

    Sounds like a lot of wrestling fan are racist asshole who would have thought that

  29. Man…. I long for the days pro wrestling had the power to garner as much heat as a message board. It’s still real to me dammit.

  30. Reading these comments I’m getting Dumber by the second man I got to stop watching wrestling all of y’all sound like some f****** 3 year old kids first off wrestling fake get that through your head It’s Entertainment stop talking about how tough you got to be to wrestle they’re f****** actors okay now that I got that out the way you got to be a f****** idiot to think in that small ass brain of yours that she got fired because she used the n-word nah that’s just white folks as usual they wanted to fire her anyway because she thought she was more than what she was and if you’re not performing you’re worthless so before this s*** hole as a company admit to fire her for lack of performance they use the whole black lives matter thing to make people think they actually care when I know better and for you other assholes yes black people do you say n word and white people also used the n word but the smart white people use the n-word inside

  31. First of all, if you let the N word offend you. You are weak to let that anger you no excuses. Second, those of you that would cause physical harm to someone because they called you a name, then you are worse than the person calling you that otherwise you come across as a weak minded fool who lets a stupid word work you up. Your skin color is not an excuse for violence. It’s called being better not some petulant child. This is all hearsay on this matter. IF she said it and bullied some one like this, then she got what she deserved. Stop fueling hatred with even more hatred you arent helping. You’re doing the opposite.

  32. She used the N word…that’s enough to get her ass fired since she has no common sense like her dad. And for you morons talking about the N word like it’s nothing, especially you, black man, fuck you. You right wingers represent everything that’s wrong with this country today. Just a horrible group of the most asinine illiterates. And Frank…nobody is reading that epistle you wrote. It’s a bunch of nonsense that only an idiot like yourself can understand.

  33. The same people who are saying Black Rose or Allysin Kay need to grow thicker skin are the same people that would post a minimum 5 curse containing paragraph defending themselves/threatening somebody else if someone called them an asshole or made fun of them for being white or a bootlicker.

  34. Donnie Brooks | June 25, 2020 at 11:55 pm | Reply

    All I have to say is from personal experience with Tessa, this isn’t the first time this has happened..she has a real fucked up attitude…name calling and not willing to follow the rules has followed her everywhere she has gone..Wwe turned her down because of her attitude..she is hard to work with and hard to get along with also…

  35. Greg Lewarchik | June 25, 2020 at 11:57 pm | Reply

    all this crap about nigger – the black community uses it for each other & rap music is littered w/the word. blacks saying it seems ok BUT a white says it & it’s racism, get over it, #1 yiu are NOT african american unless you are directly from africa – not 5/6 generations ago. most important remember that the whire slave ship captains BOIGHT the slaves from the BLACK tribal leaders. seems to me y’all forgot that little fact,

  36. Is bad no one need to be call names but the person she call the n word she is from Puerto Rico she is Latina iam Puerto Rican like her

  37. Greg Lewarchik | June 25, 2020 at 11:59 pm | Reply

    * yiu = you

    * whire = white



  38. So does this make moose the real champ now?

  39. Who gives a f*** | June 26, 2020 at 12:09 am | Reply

    You assholes you’re not very smart at a
    Wrestling is fake as f*** they’re just actors In-Shape actors but still actors this is all about making more money and more dollars if you can’t see that and you have no brain at all people use the n-word every day I’m a 60 year old white man I know what it is I went through it I’ve had to go to segregated schools down in the hood while they went to my school of choice but hey it’s all helped us to get to where we are but Rodney King said can’t we all just get along it’s not the hell with you I can get along with a black person a white person with green person or bad person the yellow person it doesn’t matter the color of the skin has nothing to do with it it’s how you act and how you carry yourself is what defines who you are there are white trash there are black trash there a white niggars there a black niggars it doesn’t matter if you people are all tied up in this nowadays all lives matter it doesn’t matter whether you’re a millionaire or billionaire or slumlord or living in the slum that the Lord owns we’re all just people or even the homeless who are living in the woods because they got to because covid-19 took everything from them yes I’m one of those I don’t hate I participate so get off your high horses get your black lives Matter t-shirts off and remember that all lives matter we’re in this together if you cannot see that the government is trying to tear us apart then I can’t I can’t explain to you enough I mean United States Navy veteran I mean United States Army vet I have been around the world 2 and 1/2 times I’ve been shot twice and stabbed once if you don’t know what this is this is about the control of all people not just one race get over it now come together and unite as one stand up against the tyranny of the police and the United States government it’s all made you incarcerate incapacitate and exterminate all people of all colors of all Races and religions please understand Rock up and carry on

  40. First off those of you claiming to be Black & saying the N word is a huge deal are crybaby idiots. If it was such a big deal why do you Black people call each other the N word constantly. Stupid crybaby Libtards!

  41. You’re all idiots..

  42. Guywithstevesmom | June 26, 2020 at 1:19 am | Reply

    Who the fuck cares if she said the “n word” it’s just a damn word and if a word upsets you so bad then your the one with the problem buttercup. Get over yourself or just take yourself out

  43. Cary L Carpenter | June 26, 2020 at 1:24 am | Reply

    The use of the n-word is unacceptable at any time. As for spitting, you spit on me and you’ll be spitting teeth.

  44. Ulices Zavala | June 26, 2020 at 1:26 am | Reply

    Hey Ben, beaner whitbeck burrito and just about every other Mexican racial slur name they could think of yes I am Mexican and do I give a damn what people call me know I’m an adult and act like an adult I don’t cry about it and I don’t b**** about it. People need to grow up that’s the problem with this country people forgot to grow up

  45. Frank… you said “wrestling is for tough people, not for pussies”..I hate to be the one to break it to you, but wrestling is fake, sweetheart. Lol. The people that are in wrestling are pretty much actors and stunt people. And you want to go on about what is wrong with our country and PC and leftist blah blah?! Whats wrong with our country is that people dont treat each other with respect. There is far too many people that think they are better than others based on their freaking skin color. People are people, no matter if they are black, white, brown, or purple. Strip away our skin and were all the same underneath. Theres good people and bad people of every race and its about time our country stopped focusing on hating one another over something so f#@!ing stupid as skin. We all need to get over ourselves n treat each other w dignity n respect. Its 2020, its about damn time.

  46. My take on the issue is this-if blacks think it’s so “traumatic” when people call them by derogatory terms, then THEY need to stop using it. It isn’t acceptable JUST because you’re black, and no blacks today ever lived and worked in slavery. There is bigotry against EVERY race, as a sign that race in particular is intimidating to those pushing them down. So, stop bringing light to bullying, start doing things to better your situation, and stop using the words you don’t want used against YOU, and we will be one step closer to equality.

  47. Wrestling shouldn’t be on going due to Covid 19. It’s not essential business, it’s not important. What’s more important is defeating this virus so people can live. Millions are dying, and all people like Vince McMahon care about is how much money they’re making. It’s sickening. Health comes before anything.

  48. The situation may be sketchy. She may have done some shit. Odds are, that she was provoked. But in other news, she will probably join her father in AEW. Which is a win.

  49. What caused the heat? Was there a missed spot, or a botched move? That has historically led to outbursts, and fights backstage. Not justifying Tessa’s actions, but the article is very one sided….

  50. Since this turned into a racial argument I would like to state some facts. 90% of our media is ran by 6 individuals. Now go through this comment post and just imagine if 6 people who all felt similar fed you your news? Your social media and videos, who chose which stories they would push and magnify.
    I’ll fill you in with facts. Though I’m not certain what their long play is here, I am certain that they have definitely chosen their agenda.
    They know that this will not help racism but magnify it on two levels which have caused reaction since the beginning of time.
    FEAR and ANGER. Get black folks worked up there will be enough anger to cause destruction which will be more of a story than any peaceful protest. Show this to white America and fear will begin to set in.
    Remember these individuals are for the most part white males or foreign males who definitely look at us all as peasants white and black.
    The kicker is they also know thatif the shit hits the fan 260 million whites will not loose to 40 million blacks that’s not to mention the 45 million Hispanics who definitely hate blacks far more than white people do.
    And before you think we’ll there are white people marching with us.
    When the shit hits the fan and you can ask anyone who has been to prison which is as about as equal of a situation you could be in tribes stay with tribes regardless of what your personal feelings are. Blacks Whites and Hispanics will all attest to that. Deer do not lay with lions when shit gets real.
    I’m not writing this to tell you I’m white and you will lose. What I’m telling you is I’m white and we are all getting played like puppets. Do you think it’s a coincidence that social distance was all the talk for two months straight? But now pushing black lives matter requires huge groups gathering? By the way this came right off the heels of reports across the country of Covid effecting people of color tremendously more than Caucasian.
    I truly believe this is actually a diversion from what the real situation is and I believe it is how do we continue to feed the world.
    When only a quarter of the Earth is land and food that we consume either has to be grown or grazed.
    We are continually trying to feed an ever-growing Earth on the same amount of land that we did 50 years ago however the population continues to grow and grow.
    Up until 2013 China was a one child nation because they could not feed their people they implemented that many years ago the UN made them take off those sanctions in the last 7 years they’ve gotten right back to where they started at with a major problem.
    Think that it’s a coincidence that covet 19 started in China?
    This will be about population control when it’s all said and done and we will help them right along the way.
    I don’t base anything I say off of opinion or feelings facts don’t have feelings.
    It’s the only way to really thin the herd. But what do I know I was just looking at why TNA got rid of Tessa Blanchard and then I saw Alyson Kay’s name in there. Funny enough I know both girls on a personal level. One I’m positive has definitely said the N word before and the other has definitely lied to my face before so take that with a grain of salt

  51. Firstly for people saying wrestling is fake it’s not entirely, yeah it’s scripted and choreographed but the moves and injuries they do and get are REAL. Secondly, Racism, I was called a White Boy, you can’t get any whiter in school now if that’s not racist then what is, but I don’t take it to heart do I. All I hear about is racism, it gets a bit boring, if you don’t like the word stop using yourself. Let’s all try to get on and be equal, people have got bigger things to worry about than F****** racism.

  52. Its a word, a word that is commonly used by the black race. They are not special when it comes to using words or corner the market. Sticks n stones is the way i was brought up.

  53. A couple of things here 1. Those of you who are worked up on both sides about her allegedly using a racial slur need to calm down. Spitting on someone is illegal and she could have been charged with assault.

    2. Read the article a bit more closely her contract was terminated because she chose not to cut a promo and wrestle. Just like any other job if she refuses to do her job then her employer has every right to fire her.

  54. taking bits and pieces of history to suit a purpose is really getting out of hand…, if you want to use it, use it all…, the fact is, all nations have a cross to bear…, Africans took captive other Africans and sold them to white slave traders…, after the civil war, freed slaves, as well as free born african americans were in the union army as buffalo soldiers, hunting the buffalo to near extinction for the sole purpose of depriving the native americans of a vital food source…, also…, they were just as quick as the white man to take native lands…, look…, history is not just one-sided, not, can it prove one syde better than any other. growing up I was taught all men were created equal…, I was also taught an old limeric, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but, names will never hurt me”, I taught my boys both those things, and much more…, like respect earns respect, and, take responsibility for your actions…, I have also taught the theatre change can only come by being an example of the change you wish to see. people, all life is precious, all life, and, i would really like to stress that. i appreciate the sentiments, and, i do understand that there must be change, but, we, ourselves MUST BE THE EXAMPLE. agree with me, or, not, reality is backing my words…

  55. There is a difference between saying nigger and nigga you fucking racist pieces of shit. You see that hard R that makes a huge fucking difference straight trash ass retards. Yes you can also be black and racist also that’s dumb as fuck to say otherwise literally anyone of any color can be racist Asians are racist all the time even to different Asians etc. It’s not cool or funny and no you wouldn’t be saying this shit to people’s faces generally and you fucking know it you punk ass losers. If you don’t work guess what you’re out of a job and disparaging someone racially or sexually harassing someone can get your dumb asses fired downs kids have higher IQs than you cousin fucking imbreds who think wrestling is real.

  56. Well Tessa and her mouth has gotten her into more trouble. Plus her not defending the strap is beneficial of her being a true champion. If guys like Moose, Eddie Edwards and Elgin can make a showing at Impact tapings. Her ass should be there too.

  57. The N word describes someone who is ignorant. It is not popular because blacks/African Americans have decided to be offended by it when another ethnicity says it. It is a weak word by itself, just like the word “stupid” or “idiot.” It’s not hard to ignore, but it is still offensive. The true ignorance is demonstrated by people that repeat it. Who says it the most? Black people. It’s in song lyrics, movies, and casual conversation. If you don’t like the word, don’t perpetuate its use. Anyone that says it is ignorant because they are a contributor to the reason the N word remains in use.

  58. Were all the same in God’s eyes. White, black, brown, red, purple or green. Words cant hurt you. If you’re raised to beleive a word can hurt you, you , along with whomever raised you, are weak as fuck. Tessa, if you need a job baby, come see me. I got something your little fine ass can do.

  59. I see white kids on Facebook say it all the time and no one says a thing about it and say it to there black friend’s so I don’t want to hear it. There not saying it in a bad way it’s an everyday thing that they say

  60. Its On Us and Frank have got the narrative correct.

  61. Joe Paffufno | June 26, 2020 at 4:04 am | Reply

    None of you were there, you have no idea what did or didn’t happen.

  62. U fucking racist middle of nowhere, inbred wrestling losers need 2 stop ur shit with this is my country. U white scumbags committed genocide to us natives & love claiming this land.

  63. One thing I will say is I do agree with all of the music with blacks saying the n word then when they are called the n word from a white person or someone of another race then they explode with anger. Totally stupid, I know I’m balck myself, and the sad thing about it majority of black community especially the youth dies not go to a library to read or study, but yet use the n word and majority of them don’t even know what the word even means. True talk, so for someone to use the n word just to use it… Look it up and you will see for yourself for what it really means. These days it’s more of derogatory meaning which I believe that the meaning was changed because of many used of it from many people who had no idea what they were calling each other, if they even knew. Because when I looked it up years ago it meant a stupid ignorant person, it did not say anything about race, so my take is if you saying that n word just to say it to another person than that says alot about you, and alot of people that have made situations very appalling look in the mirror every morning and are facing a demon controlling them inside. Although they may not admit but its facts it is what it is. Another thing if someone called me the n word I’d just look them dead in their eyes and say really and laugh then walk away. I’m not going to let nobody steal my joy all because they feeling some kind of way, God made me a beautiful child and yes I’m proud to be black and I answer to no one but him and my parents. Now if someone spits on me then that’s when the line has been crossed because that is something you will not do to me and expect me not to retaliate especially if you spit in my face naw, that’s not happening. I don’t care if you are Mexican, white, black whatever, you disrespect me like that be prepared for retaliation because you will see a nasty side of me you don’t want to see and that’s real. It’s 2020 and all needs to grow up and see realization.

  64. springer schultz | June 26, 2020 at 4:44 am | Reply

    Now that Blanchard is gone, Impact has to correct this past mess, and either have a new comer (free agent)show up at slammiversary and win the belt, or have Moose win the title and have both the TNA and Impact championships.

  65. I have to agree that words can never physically hurt you . sure saying the N word is offensive but so is saying cracker or honky or whitey but you don’t heard about people losing their jobs and having their futures ruined. I’ve realized recently that every though it momentarily stirs emotion using these words is a trigger just to get a response. True toughness is not letting those weak minded people using racial slurs bother you and moving on with life.

  66. But its ok for black people to call black people the n word. Why use a sla e derogatory term for yourselfs

  67. Why worry about the n word who cares hang the guy that stepped on his neck n shut the he’ll up

  68. Brenda Nanney | June 26, 2020 at 5:12 am | Reply

    This knee/jerk reaction to the slightest politically incorrect comment is getting out of hand! This is wrestling people! Wrestling, where there is expected violence,the norm being to beat up people, bully & talk smack constantly. You support it everytime you buy a ticket or watch it on television! So don’t act all shocked & self-righteous when something like this happens.
    Personally I abhor the word “nigger”. It means a variety of things if you research the word itself. Since it is offensive…I choose not to ever use it!
    I am curious as to why it is okay for hundreds of black Americans to call each other “nigger”, but those same blacks are violently offended if a non-black person calls them that?

  69. Y’all need to chill out with the blaming rap for saying the n word and saying black people say it all the time y’all just making urself look dumb we black people don’t say nigger we say nigga big difference just like in New York they say son like wats up son that’s how black people use the word but white people say it they are trying to hurt your feelings big difference

  70. Nobody got no rights wg
    When it come too cops I don’t watch the news but hear about those blacks gathering n protesting who cares that’s all u hear this one wanting this billion airs like Jordan n shit Fuck them go spend a dollar shut up

  71. Gonna be all Elite now

  72. Holy shit, there’s a lot of triggered racists in these comments

  73. Kenneth Tilton | June 26, 2020 at 5:40 am | Reply

    I think spitting in someone’s face is worse than using the so-called “N word”, but how desperate is IMPACT to put their world heavyweight title on a female. The women’s world title exists for a reason. Men shouldn’t be allowed to hold it and women shouldn’t be allowed to hold titles in the men’s division. I know Tessa is a dominant force against other women but let them adapt. I didn’t like it when Chyna was holding men’s titles either. It’s a desperate plea for attention.

  74. Cena's butthole | June 26, 2020 at 5:41 am | Reply

    Wether the word ends with we or a… people will get offended by someone of another race calling them it….fact

  75. Doris Baloney | June 26, 2020 at 6:00 am | Reply

    Really Homer,Sit your punk ass down,and Listen to the dumbshit coming out of that hole in your face.How did we(black folks) Name ourselves niggers.Next I bet you’re gonna say you have black friends.get the fuck outtakes here

  76. Black fragility.

  77. This really is something.
    White people in the comments trying to talk away the meaning of the word nigger. Oh its just a word. A word slave owners and angry white people alike called blacks all throughout the time of their slavery, freedom, and when they fought for civil rights in the 1900s. The word carries the power of slavery and hate. Its why whitw people say it about blacks. To assert a dominance. Its not just a word. All these white babies in here crying like snowflakes about too much PC talk ruining the country. Yeah darn wish us whites could just call people nigger again like the good ol days of separate water fountains and back of the bus driving. And no blacks dont call eachother niggers. Maybe look up nigga and nigger. History wise. Not some definition on Google. I fucking hate white people….and I’m white. White people are pussy asshole. Waaahhh. That’s all white people do. Cry cry cry. Snowflakes all of em. Go fuck your own family members white cracker honkey. Still not as bad sounding or has the hatred behind like the word nigger and you pussy whites know it.

  78. Tough world out there. People need to grow up act their age and be smart about how you act and what you say. Be responsible. Oh by the way spitting in someone’s face is the biggest form of disrespect ever. I’d knock you the hell out and I hate fighting. There is alotof wrong been done but it’s up to us to try to make things better. We have to be the smarter and better generation. We can’t change history but we can change ourselves. I wouldn’t want to have child living in this world the way it is to much hate. Enough said on my part. I come from a mixed family and I love them all the same.

  79. While yall talking trash about het yall do know her dude is black right


  81. There must be an election this year? Every four years is a race war. Wake up idiots, our politicians don’t have our best interests in mind.

  82. So what if she called someone a bigger she’s probably sick of that jigaboo cunts being offended by absolutely everything

  83. I dont believe tessa for a second. She’s said nig at some point but I doubt the accusation is true. Tna was stupid in first place booking Tessa as world champ now they just made up an out since the dumbass lives in Mexico

  84. johnny flash | June 26, 2020 at 6:50 am | Reply

    Glad she’s outta there maybe now vince will sign her and they can tell the real horsewoman stories. When you are performing your body, your life at times is in your co workers hands ,its common for locker room blow ups,lines to be crossed, doednt
    Make it right,but tessas far from the only one. Lotta jealousy, tesss is better than anyone cept
    Maybe Charlotte .

  85. I find it funny how people say being called the n word is racist yet I hear black people use it regularly. I Turkey don’t get how it is okay for the Black community to use this work yet anyone else does it is the end of the world and racist. My guess is people prioritize based on their feelings at the moment. Y’all are a bunch of soft ass mother fuckers!

  86. Enough with the fucking wrestling comments turning into a discussion of racism and bull shit. You fucking people are seriously pissing me off. I don’t read wrestling stories because I want to hear about who you think is racist. You sons of bitches are ruining everything with this non-stop bull shit and I’m sick of it. I won’t watch anymore pro sports because I’m sick of hearing about a bunch of rich Privileged athletes whine about how unfairly they’re treated in this country. So to ALL YOU MOTHER FUCKERS trying to bring up racial topics in a wrestling thread just keep it to yourself because I don’t want to hear it


  88. What a disgusting website

  89. I just read that black people made the word nigger a derogatory slander 😂😂😂😂 then this person said people are being ignorant for being offended by being call this word 😂😂😂😂 I can’t with the internet today 🤦‍♂️

  90. Race is being used to divide us. Stop allowing it. Go listen to Dr King speeches. COVID is being used to control us. It’s a virus, a really bad one if your old or have other co morbidities. It has killed 105K in this country, influenza A killed 80K, you don’t care about those? Someone said essential business, neither you are the Government get to decide that. You want to be controlled by fear stay inside, the rest of us choose freedom over a false sense of security. Those of you using race, you are racist, period. Wake up! Donald Trump brought about prison reform and the second chance act while bringing the lowest black unemployment in history. The Democrats are scared to death they are losing their built in voters so they demonize him. Words are empty, actions matter. The majority of prisoners are black men and the majority of them are in prison due to the F’d up law referred to as 3 strikes and your out. That law was signed INTO law by Bill Clinton but they got the black community so damn confused and controlled they all voted for his wife, a bigger racist, elitist than him. SMDH

  91. HOMER E CLIFTON, It’s truly puzzling how people who never experienced racism or being called a racial slur can tell someone else what’s offensive or not. Get some hands on experiance, emphany next time before you come out of your lane with your slow ass weak bullshit. KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT OUR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS, WE WILL FUCK YOU AND ALL OF YOUR KIND UP!!!!!

  92. Accountability | June 26, 2020 at 8:07 am | Reply

    For people saying they don’t understand why people are offended by the word “nigger” but African Americans call each other that are the smartest dummies ever. African Americans don’t call each other that word educate yourself before you try to be a educator. 1. All though the term used sounds like the term “nigger” it is not not act as if you don’t understand the history of the word and how it was used to degrade a race of people idgaf what “Webster” is trying to white wash. 3.plain and plane sound the same but aren’t; soul, soule, and sole sound the same but… Aren’t. Let’s not down play how we mistreat each other as people especially when something like this is not a part of your history to make you feel less than. Woman call each other bitch all the time but it’s different when how it’s said, the reason, and who is saying it.

  93. That really sucks for her. I bet she goes to aew or wwe. Calling someone that is one thing, but spitting in the face is un called for. And there are 2 different words. Nigger is the bad one and nigga means incompetent. African Americans say it to each other all the time and it’s ok. Another race calls them that and the shit hits the fan..everyone needs to grow up and get over this shit. That’s so far in the past no one on this planet has anything to do with it now. I hear young people saying it to each other at least a hundred times a day.

  94. Impact inflated her stock and dork marks bought into it. she should have never got the belt and im happy to see her gone. i believe in second chances tho and i dont believe in the cancel culture. kids and 20yos make mistakes.

  95. THE WORD NIGGER originated in America by uneducated ingnorant whites who couldn’t pronounce the area in Africa called Niger where slaves were said to originate from.
    Now that’s Irony in the 1st degree for you!!!

  96. I think her racist actions are horrible and she May be a horrible person or one who let her emotions get out of control. However, she’s not a victim of cancel culture. She was given the belt after these accusations cane out. She was still going to be the face of the company. So what changed? She refused to work. I get her concern about the virus, but if she cannot or will not defend the belt, Impact has no choice but to take it from her. This has nothing to do with her racism. She won’t defend the belt and likely wants to go to a bigger promotion, so she was let go.

  97. Listen you all can say whatever words you want to say it’s only words black white green or yellow you are all human words are just words what is wrong with Humanity today that’s nothing to be fighting about it’s nothing to be arguing about you pick a fight and you say things that you don’t really mean it’s because you’re upset you can’t control your mouth your tongue is always in the way we read the Bible you’ll find that out

    Black dont crack unless you say nigger. Then watch them disintegrate like a wet sand castle. Whites are putting up with your bs, for now. When things go bad you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves.

  99. Shut the fuck up Ben, Frank and Homer. Tessa deserves every bad thing that comes her way. To have had that many issues at just 24 years of age where almost NO ONE wants to work with you? That’s ridiculous and embarrassing. She needs to grow up.

  100. FBML ItsAllLivesMatter | June 26, 2020 at 8:54 am | Reply

    People are so ignorant i swere, if someone calls someone the “N” word they “SHOULD” look in a dictionary, and then they would comprehend and understand that the true and proper term for the “N” word is “A(n) ignorant human being” but yet, people blow this kinda crap wayyyyy out of proportion

  101. FBLM ItsAllLivesMatter | June 26, 2020 at 8:57 am | Reply

    Also on side note, you dont see the black people rioting over 60 black people that were killed BY THEIR OWN KIND on memorial day weekend all shot and killed BY BLACK PEOPLE. But yet its always the whites faults? Also what about the white people as Slaves in Africa? You dont see them calling blacks racists like the blacks are doing to everyone currently

  102. I’m sure black people have never used the word Cracker or Honkey

  103. I’m sure black people have never used the word Cracker or Honkey I’m sick of all this BLM bullshit

  104. NoLivesMatter | June 26, 2020 at 9:00 am | Reply

    It’s hilarious to watch Democrat clowns attack people they assume are southern as racist inbreds when all the blacks being murdered by cops are in Democrat cities, where the Democrat mayor appoints the Democrat police chief. Election after election these people vote for their own murder. News flash: Democrats will NEVER choose black lives over unions (police or otherwise). Never. If you don’t want to live in a shithole, stop voting for the party of shitholes. Simple.

    Also, let’s clear something up. Ebonics NEVER uses a “hard R.” Brotha, sista, mowa, trigga, etc., so if you think they aren’t using the actual word… you’re retarded. Start calling ANYONE who uses it a fucking moron and we can all move on. Until then, it’s just more privilege assigned to one group over another. Ever wonder why “white passable” biracial people never identify themselves as white? What kind of moron would pass up all that privilege? Or, maybe, the privilege isn’t where they say it is. This situation is the perfect example. Had Tessa been called a white trash whore (and I suspect she has), you wouldn’t be reading an article about it…

  105. Do you actually think black people would be out there protesting for whites Supporting whites Yelling white lives matter Hell no they wouldnt

  106. I like Tessa a lot as a wrestler. I’m blk but why bring this up yrs later if she said the n word and spit on the other wrestler she should have dealt with Tessa then and there!!!

  107. I meet Tessa recently (not as a fan) and she was the nice enough to introduce herself and shake hands. I find this surprising. She is a hard worker.

  108. All humans can be sensitive about something, including words. Words can evoke strong emotional reactions, so it’s not so easy for everyone to apply the childhood principle of “sticks and stones” when others around them are not. The N word can be spelled two ways. It can have an “ER” or an “A” at the end. That distinction was dialectical. It is not two different words. One is the pronuciation of the word using Standard English (American or British) and the other is the pronunciation according to African-American Vernacular English, also known as “AAVE.” This dialect has been recognized by linguists and studied and formally adopted as a codified language. It was even proposed by black educators and education advocates as a way to help black students experience improved outcomes in school. Offically adopting the AAVE language (also known as ebonics) in schools has been debated for 25 years. It the AAVE dialectual language which accounts for the difference between the N word ending in “a” just the same way the word “brother” and “sister” are pronounced as “brotha” and “sista” when a person speaks using African-American Vernacular English. A different word is not being said, the same word is being said only in a different dialect. So, it’s understandable if people are offended by both pronunciations. The definition can change over time, but the origins will remain the same. Look up the history while you’re checking the definition. For most, the definition is what they were taught it is and what they personally feel the meaning is. It won’t become a positive word anytime soon no matter how it’s pronounced.

  109. Blacks are the low IQ, crack addicted step children of the world. It’s time to kick you out of the house. ItS too bad the founding fathers were so cheap that they couldn’t bear to pay honest white folks for work. They had to bring along their pet monkeys. (Yes, I mean you.)
    And btw yall blacks actually resemble chimps. And you know it. That’s why you get offended when we say it.
    And does every black bitch try to do her hair like a white girl? BECAUSE YOURE UGLY AS F***

  110. @Harold and @joshua

    You think using a fallacy such as, “Well they do it!” Makes it okay for white people to say it? If you’re not racist why would you want to? What does it do for you? Does exclusion in this manner feel oppressive?

    To trashbag #2: “cancel culture, sjw” is exactly how change happens. Calling out racists doesnt make the whistleblower a racist. People should not be able to benefit/continue in mainstream with racist ideology. 🤔 Wait, that means your cult leader has to go too, huh? YUP! The majority of people around the world are People of COLOR made to feel like the less valued minority. THAT SHIT’S DONE! You can keep your racist mindset, just know the likes of you are getting left behind!

  111. So once again the topic is of being how some one chooses to use the word and hurt some ones feelings again and again proves that the digital age has made ignorance come to the for front of the society in which we live. First off…. History of the N word…. Definition…. an uncouth unclean individual. That is the actual definition of the word… so yes it can be applied to any person who is dirty homeless or otherwise vagrant in verbal and or physical action. So Mr Homer…. you are correct. So for all those idiots ragging on his ass… back the fk up and LEARN ‘YOUR’ HISTORY… Now… If the word offends you thats understandable… its only because the word was so widley used to describe black people in our history which most of were at that time in history were uncouth in thier actions in the eyes of the common people of society.. yes mostly whites… however it was also used to describe asians on the railroad chain gangs and it was used in the wrong context for the descritption of homeless people throughout socieity. So when we as a people lose our history and the meaning of our history it shows up as ignorance when those people want to act like they know something when in fact they dont! For us to get past racism in this country or even in this world would or will be the greatest achievement of MAN kind…. meaning race shouldnt even be a factor anylonger. Racism is just another evolutiinary herdal we as the HUMAN ‘RACE’ should realize is nothing but our own henderance.

  112. Military Veteran | June 26, 2020 at 9:53 am | Reply

    What is really sad is that due to all the protests, riots, violence and gatherings. Now Covid-19 is coming back and is going to delay our Country from getting back to normal. I am tired of not being able to go places and do things and now if the virus doesn’t kill us we may get caught up in a riot and die.
    I support peaceful and healthy protesting for any thing you feel strongly about. BUT the violence, riots, looting and destruction of property and monuments is wrong. I keep hearing people say accept us for who we are, let us be different without being judged or discriminated against. Yet those people saying that are doing EXACTLY that to others. Everyone needs to mind their own business before they attempt to mind the business of others.

    Stop the violence and stupidity. Everyone of all colors. Base your opinions of someone on how they treat you, interact with you and who they are. NOT on color, ethnic origin or other personal preferences.

  113. All y’all Waaa Waaa Waaa it’s the world we live in deal with it, everything always brought up ltr speak the fuck up when it hpnd, you all don’t have any balls to that’s why. Move it along to the next garbage…

  114. Fuck you dirty dick sucker the only thing getting left behind is your IQ. Whites are laughing because you morons are burning down your own neighborhoods and businesses with the help of course of you white educated Comrads. How stupid can people possibly be. I’ll bet if CNN told you that you should just go ahead and I’ll yourselves half you fucking morons would. Come to think of it Anderson Cooper did exactly that when Don Lemon was railing him one evening. So all you BLM supporters have Anderson and Don’s support to just go ahead and kill yourselves for the greater good of the country, Let the stupid gene end with you. No lives matter bitches and if you don’t stop your whining and crying you’re gonna find that out the hard way.

  115. It’s a very sad day unfortunately to witness the stupidity out there amongst these idiots lives matter….no…all of humanity matters…so for all you jackalopes out there who. Are riding this democratic political onslaught of our country…you can all go to hell…that’s where you belong..oh…and remember…if anyone supporting these bullshit wannabe Democrat losers…go ahead….their Waterloo is just over the horizon…as for you feckless jerkoffs who obviously don’t know jack about our history…republicans never owned slaves…only democrats… oh…and what about the black tribal leaders that sold these blacks to the white democrat assholes…I guess these.2 examples get looked over…but more severely…president lincoln was a republican….who emancipated…that’s right…emancipated the freedom for all the slaves… yes a white man…not black…but even still it wasnt done because of their skin color…it was done as a humanitarian compassionate act towards and for all walk of life…I can go on with a multitude of facts but what good does it do… when your trying to educate people with an IQ of a bowling ball..have a nice multi racial color filled day…

  116. Mr. Dimbag McFlurry | June 26, 2020 at 10:24 am | Reply

    Fuck all of you fagg0ts

  117. To the person who wanted to know where the n word came from a lot of people who subjected being taken from their country and sold into slavery were from niger this is where the word comes from because they called them by their country of origin

  118. For that person that said grow up or grow thick skin.i would like that person to call the n word and spit in their face. Just for that I would pay to come to the funeral or come to the hospital see what’s left.

  119. Have you ever listened to DMX? Every second word is nigger, they call themselves that name , im not the one who sang those songs. If you dont wanna be called that name than stop calling yourself that name

  120. Sa Ack Maidic | June 26, 2020 at 11:21 am | Reply

    In my humble opinion I think that at some point almost 95% of the population has used the N-word, only they do not admit it. The Liberal media is to blame for all this chaos. They love to push their agenda of pro-LGBQ, pro-choice which another term for anti-life, anti family values, in other words anything that is a way of perdition.

  121. Shouldn’t the African-American BLM community take a serious and long look at the word nigger and it’s acceptance,usage, and glorification within pop-culture,music,movies,and sports?
    If the word is so detestable, and so deplorable that your community tells others not to use it, and people lose their careers over using it in various context.
    You want to be heard? Want change? Want your life to “matter” and everyone know about it? Start from within. Start with you. We all know that real change always starts from within ourselves first.
    If it’s time to tear down statutes, rename restaurants, cancel shows, and rewrite history….then it’s time for everyone to quit using the word nigger! Anything less than this would damage credibility and only prove the black community isn’t ready to let go of racism yet.
    Come on, the world’s watching ….do what we all know needs to be done and nearly all of us know won’t…the word nigger is to engrained in your culture now. And all that tells me is it doesn’t have the same sting it once had. In fact it’s become a coined phrase often used as a term of endearment.
    And I’m not the ignorant type who will sit and listen to the “it’s the way it’s spelled or prounounced” song and dance.
    If the word nigger is bad, it’s bad for all. And should be used by none!

  122. Calling anybody anything is just verbs and nouns put together to illicit a reaction.

  123. Hievery body

  124. stop this shit and move on | June 26, 2020 at 12:26 pm | Reply

    these people sayin wrestlin is fake are the biggest pussies of all time, keep watchin movies yall crack up donkeysget in the ring so yall can be thrown around

    now the n word anyone can be the n word if you steal, kill, any race can be a n word
    yet, these black people say it to each other all the time

    Booker T called HUlk Hogan the n word in WCW, Hulk Hogan didn’t cry. when Hulk Hogan said it to Booker T, he had a problem. black asses gets more rights than white asses

    if someone call me a cracker, i be like do i look like i do drugs?

    hell, my great uncle got killed by a black man for $3 in his store in the 60’s. not seein no riot over that.

    i got friends and family with all race

    Serena and Venus Williams are really men to compete against women cause they can’t beat men in Tennis, Charlotte is too, Nia Jax is as well, Chyna was, Dee Dee was

    Nascar, Bubba Wallace had it all fixed with that rope just so he can be liked cause he couldn’t win a race
    all transsexuals

  125. I think Impact wrestling tries to make something deffernt to bring a woman as a world champion. But I think they make a bad choice when they choose Tessa. She is small lightweight. No one can believe what she did, she was completely unbelievable

  126. I see you dipshits didn’t learn. I don’t give 2 fucks about your race wars and rights keep your bull shit out of wrestling threads pussies

  127. Fuck you dirty dick sucker the only thing getting left behind is your IQ. Whites are laughing because you morons are burning down your own neighborhoods and businesses with the help of course of you white educated Comrads. How stupid can people possibly be. I’ll bet if CNN told you that you should just go ahead and kill yourselves half you fucking morons would. Come to think of it Anderson Cooper did exactly that when Don Lemon was railing him one evening. So all you BLM supporters have Anderson and Don’s support to just go ahead and kill yourselves for the greater good of the country, Let the stupid gene end with you. No lives matter bitches and if you don’t stop your whining and crying you’re gonna find that out the hard way.

  128. That’s one of impacts problems now. It was stupid, impractical and unbelievable that Tessa could beat Sami Callahan after what Callahan went thru to defeat Brian Cage. Her whole tital reign has been a disaster. Made about as much sense as a man winning the women’s title. Looking at you AEW/Nyla Rose


  130. For Heaven sake everyone GROW UP. WITH ALL THST IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD THIS IS THE SUBJECT OF THE DAY..Be part of solution not part of the problem.7

  131. Why don’t you suck on a big black snake Karen. Your opinions don’t matter bitch, so go fuck yourself. Racial bull shit don’t need to be on a wrestling comments section.

  132. Booker T Edge shampoo commercial Buckwheat on crack

  133. For the love of god, will you all please just stop saying nigger and just say ignorant.

  134. I called a nigger a nigger once right before I shot him in the left shoulder and then slit his throat lol.

  135. Hey Pyro Joe……….. Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger
    Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger
    Freedom Of Speech Bitch You Don’t Have To Like It But You Have To Respect It. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩💩 Shit Stain. Stop Trying To Be A Politically Correct Little Pussy

  136. Tessa ends up in WWE anyone wanna bet? #ALLLIVESMATTER

  137. Being a screw up runs in the family, her dad failed drug tests and got his kid uses ignorant words. I have sympathy for atheletes who choose to be idiots

  138. Sorry no pity or sympathy for idiots

  139. Homer E. Clifton you are right and wrong at the same time. While the word Nigger can be used for race it was white people that made it a racial term for African Americans.

  140. Niggers be like “dont call us niggers” but they always act like niggers. Why us that?

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