Terry Funk Busted Open at PCW Event, 73-Year-Old Booked For Revenge Match

terry funk pcw bloody match

While most 73-year-olds are chilling in a retirement home, Terry Funk is booking revenge matches after getting spiked in the head with a giant nail and bleeding all over the place.

It all went down on Friday at PCW ‘Demonized’ in Wilmington, California when Funk got involved in a match pitting Sandman and Masada vs. PCW tag team champs Warbeast.

We’re told Josef from Warbeast spiked Terry in the head multiple times for helping the ECW icon.

Funk will return to PCW on December 1 as part of a team with Sandman to face Warbeast at Refuse to Lose. Tickets are available at PCWLive.com.