Terry Crews — Stepping Into the Ring With Ex-WWE Star …. For New Adam Sandler Netflix Movie

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Ex-WWE star Shad Gaspard has been training Terry Crews to wrestle … but not to become the newest member of Cryme Tyme — they’re working on Adam Sandler‘s next movie.

Crews stars in Sandler’s upcoming Netflix film called Sandy Wexler and trained with Shad Gaspard for weeks beforehand so he could do all the wrestling himself once filming began this month.

The film also stars Jennifer Hudson, and we’re told her fiancee/WWE announcer David Otunga makes an appearance as well.  Same goes for Hall of Fame wrestler Rikishi, who plays a Yokozuna-like character. We’re told Gaspard may also appear in the flick, just depends on the final cut.

Our sources say Crews’ character is named Bobby Bedtime.

Now, enjoy this video of Terry during his Battle Dome days getting physical with Rick Steiner