Terri Runnels Explains Why She Brought a Gun to the Airport (VIDEO)

terri runnels gun airport arrest explanation video

Former WWE star Terri Runnels was arrested this morning in Florida for bringing a gun to the airport, and now she’s explaining her side of the story.

TMZ first reported Runnels was arrested by the security checkpoint at Tampa International Airport around 7:30 am for carrying a concealed weapon (which was loaded). 

After being released from custody, Terri shared a video on Twitter explaining what happened.

“When I go to see my mom I pack my gun because she has armadillos that ruin her garden, and other critters that go after her chickens, and I usually take my gun when I go to see her,” Runnels stated.

The 51-year-old explained that she’s been with her mother for the past week and only got a few hours sleep in the few days she back at home. When she left for the airport around 4 am, she forgot the gun was still in her bag. 

Watch her full explanation in the video below.