Teddy Long — MVP Told Me That He Signed a New WWE Contract (AUDIO)

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If MVP returning to WWE was supposed to be a secret, then Teddy Long just spoiled a major surprise … because the ex-SmackDown GM claims Montel is saying he signed a new deal.

Teddy revealed the news on this week’s edition of The Gerweck Report — his weekly podcast — and said MVP gave him the update this weekend while they were on a show together.

Long explains, “I was with MVP this weekend and I talked to him and um, as far as I know, y’know, he was going back. He did tell me that he signed and they were sending him to Pittsburgh.” And that’s not the only good news, he also says MVP claims Shelton Benjamin signed a new contract as well.

According to reports, Curt Hawkins and Rhyno also inked new contracts.  And as we previously reported, Jinder Mahal has recently been in talks to return as well.

For what it’s worth, Montel Vontavious Porter has since denied what Teddy is saying.

(Fast forward to 32:56 to hear this part of the show. )

UPDATE: Teddy is backtracking now.  He tweeted the following.