Teddy Hart — Trial Date Set for New Years Day Arrest, Still in Police Custody

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Independent wrestler Teddy Hart is still in police custody following his arrest on New Years Day — and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned his trial is set to begin this month.

Hart — real name Edward Annis — is set to see a judge on March 20th for multiple charges … this according to the City Attorney’s Office in Arlington, Texas.

We’re told the court date isn’t set in stone though, and could always be delayed for various reasons.

As we previously reported, the Hart family member was stopped by police for a hazardous traffic violation on January 1st and attempted to evade a lawful arrest. The police report also said he was intoxicated and allegedly operating a vehicle without consent of the owner.

Court records show Teddy has since had two additional charges tacked on.

One for “injury to a child/elderly/disabled person” and another for possession of a controlled substance. Because the investigation is ongoing, the Sheriff couldn’t give out further details on either.

We’ll keep you updated once we know more.

3 Comments on "Teddy Hart — Trial Date Set for New Years Day Arrest, Still in Police Custody"

  1. Another loser from a dysfunctional family who also had several misfortunes through no fault of their own.

  2. Wasted talent. He is the most talented wrestler to never do anything. Such a horrible person. I was always a HUGE Teddy fan but my god man. Grow up already. Absolute waste of talent.

  3. An absolute waste of great wrestling talent. Just sad. This guy should have been a star.

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