Teacher With Nazi Gimmick Will NOT Lose Job, District Says He Didn’t Violate Policies

kevin bean nazi teacher gimmick wont lose job

Kevin Bean — a teacher who moonlights as a wrestler with a Nazi gimmick — will not lose his job in light of a video showing students cheering for him at a local event.

For those who missed it, the video of Bean performing as a character named Blitzkrieg “The German Juggernaut” at a WWWA event in Pennsylvania went viral after The Blast reported he was under investigation by his district because some of the children cheering him on in the crowd were his real-life students.

The Spring-Ford Area School District now says the investigation has concluded. In a letter sent to parents via email, their statement on the matter is as follows:

On the afternoon of July 19th, the Spring-Ford Area School District was made aware of a video featuring 6th grade teacher Kevin Bean, outside of the school setting, participating in a professional wrestling event. Once we were made aware of the video, our administrative team moved quickly to conduct a thorough internal investigation with the assistance of our school district solicitor and the cooperation of Mr. Bean, as well as the Spring-Ford Education Association President.

Based on the investigation completed we have found no evidence indicating violation of board policies by Mr. Bean. As such, Mr. Bean will continue to remain a teacher within the District.

As we shared previously, the actions that were demonstrated in the video are not supported or sanctioned by the Spring-Ford Area School District and we will work with our staff so that we may continue to uphold the high standards our community has come to expect.  As part of our investigation it was shared with Mr. Bean the concerns that were raised about the character he played. While many understand that professional wrestling is a form of entertainment and not a reflection of one’s personal beliefs, Mr. Bean understands that the character he played has been viewed by some as being offensive.

Recognizing these concerns, Mr. Bean wanted to share the following with the Community:
“The character I portrayed did not reflect my personal feelings or beliefs and I do apologize to those in the community who were offended by such actions. I have spent many years working in the Spring-Ford community and pride myself in providing an exceptional education to my students over the course of 14 years.”

We recognize that there may be an emotional impact for some parents, students and community members who may have lingering concerns. Based upon the news coverage and social media exposure of this situation, students may have questions and concerns as we get closer to the start of the school year. If this is the case, I encourage you to talk with your students about this situation and reassure them that all of our Spring-Ford schools are safe and welcoming to each and every student. In addition, the District has many additional helpful resources available to assist you.  

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