Taz Brings FTW Title to AEW, Crowns Brian Cage New Champ (VIDEO)

taz ftw championship title aew dynamite fyter fest fight for the fallen brian cage

Taz has brought back his old FTW Championship from ECW and passed it on to Brian Cage.

The AEW manager/announcer’s big announcement on Dynamite tonight began with he and Cage coming to the ring for an interview with Tony Schiavone.

While holding a black bag, Taz talked about what he was holding was something he created decades ago with his blood, his sweat, and his tears. He then unveiled his old FTW Championship.

For those unfamiliar, this title was created in 1998 in ECW. The belt was billed as unrecognized by the promotion, but in 1999 Taz won the ECW title and merged it with the FTW title.

The segment on AEW Dynamite ended with Taz saying Brian Cage would not go into Fight for the Fallen next week without a championship because he was passing the FTW title to him.

Watch the segment below.