WATCH: Tamina Gets Emotional on “The Bump” After Surprise from The Usos

tamina snuka wwe emotional the bump usos surprise video message

Days before she attempts to win the SmackDown women’s title at Money in the Bank, Tamina received some words of encouragement from The Usos!

It all went down this morning on “The Bump” when Tamina was surprised with video messages from her real-life cousins.

As you may recall … Tamina and The Usos debuted together in WWE almost 10 years ago, working together for only a few months before splitting up.

In his message, Jimmy said “you’ve been supporting me and my brother since day one, we’re going to be here supporting you right back.” Jey gets fired up in his video, saying “The time is now. Ten years strong. You deserve this. You Day One. From the get go. From the sandbox. You all we got. We’re behind you. We’re going to ride with you, dawg. Let’s go!”

As you might expect, this caused Tamina to get teary-eyed and break out the tissues, joking that “it might be the time of the month or something.” She also went on to talk about how much their love and support means to her, especially after all these years.

Watch the video below.