Rich Swann Says He and Wife Su Yung are “Living a Happy Life,” Focused on the Future (AUDIO)

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Former WWE star Rich Swann took part in a call with the media on Wednesday to promote his new job at Impact and although he didn’t want to discuss his domestic arrest, which took place earlier this year, the wrestler says he and wife Su Yung are happy.

Swann kicked off the call talking about how excited he is to join Impact. Before taking questions from the media, however, Rich had this to say about his relationship with the Knockouts Champion.

“Right now my wife and I, we’re living a happy life,” he explained. “Right now we would like to forget about the past and focus on the present and our future. And focus on positivity. And have our careers be on the up and up. That’s all I have to say on that situation.”

The PR person for Impact then made it clear that no follow up questions were necessary.

Listen to the audio below.