Braun Strowman Undergoes Elbow Surgery, WWE Releases GRAPHIC PHOTOS

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BRAAAAUUUUNNNNN is what we guess he was probably yelling last week … because the ‘Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman underwent surgery — and the photos are gnarly! reports Strowman flew home from the UK last week and went to Birmingham, Alabama to meet with Dr. Dugas and prep for surgery, which took place on Thursday.

The article says Braun could be out for up to six months … however, as Wrestling Sheet reporter James McKenna first revealed on Twitter this morning, our sources say that length of time was announced to play up the injury and his time away is still projected at four to eight weeks.

As for the photos, many are in black and white due to their graphic nature.

The pics can all be found in WWE’s gallery by CLICKING HERE.

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