WATCH: Super Humman Defeats Joey Ryan in Pro Wrestling Debut, Full Match Available Now

super humman joey ryan pin defeat video wrestling match debut

Super Humman’s professional wrestling career is off to a winning start after the viral sensation defeated Joey Ryan in his debut match.

It all went down at Atomic Revolution Wrestling’s 3rd annual “Extreme Takeover” event on October 11, where Super Humman — who went viral after sharing a series of videos of himself doing wrestling-related stunts — participated in a Fatal Five-Way match that also included Joey Ryan, Sharkboy and two other wrestlers named Jerry Swirlz and Chuckles.

Humman, who was accompanied by Good Friend Paul, was not in the match for very long though. 

As soon as the match begins, he gets taken out by a clothesline from Jerry Swirlz which leaves him incapacitated on the outside for most of the match. He eventually gets back in the ring though and attempts to cover each of the other four participants after a spot which left them all reeling.

The finish comes when Super Humman recovers quickly from one of Joey’s Dick Flips, then dodges a clothesline and hits Joey with a stunner for the 1 – 2 – 3.

Check out the full match below (unless you’re going to tweet Jim Cornette about it).