WATCH: Summer Rae Does Push Ups on Speakers in New Commercial

summer rae speaker commercial

Former WWE Superstar Summer Rae has landed an endorsement deal with an audio company and is featured in their latest commercial working out in a way we wouldn’t quite recommend.

Rae aka Danielle Moinet — who worked for WWE from 2011-2017 with notable roles such as Fandango‘s dance partner and member of the Total Divas cast — is featured in a 30-second short on YouTube where she’s modeling Kicker headphones and lifestyle speakers.

How do you model $400 speakers, you ask?

Duh! You do push-ups on them while seductively staring directly into the camera!

WRITER’S NOTE: Exercising with $800 speakers may work for Moinet, but we DO NOT recommend you try this at home. Let’s be honest, you aren’t built for this. It will not end well.