Summer Rae — Sorry Sheamus … My MLB First Pitch Was Better (VIDEO)

Summer Rae first pitch cubs wwe sheamus video wrestling baseball

Summer Rae threw the ceremonial first pitch Friday at the Chicago Cubs game … but unlike WWE Superstar Sheamus, the ex-Total Divas star nailed it on her first try!

As seen in the video below, Summer has no problem sailing the ball over home plate and into the catcher’s mitt — a far cry from the attempt made by her coworker earlier this week.

For those who missed it, Sheamus’ initial first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game Wednesday was a MAJOR FAIL. Thankfully, the TMNT2 star’s second attempt made it past the plate.

Sheamus may have one hell of a Brogue Kick … but when it comes to baseball, the bragging rights clearly belong to Summer. Sorry pitch.