Summer Rae Opens Up About Overcoming Body Image Issues in Op-Ed

summer rae body image issues article

Summer Rae is opening up about her lifelong struggle with body image issues and says she hopes that her story will help inspire girls to be themselves.

In an op-ed for InStyle, Rae talked about her struggles with body image growing up and how she was constantly comparing herself to models in magazines.

She wrote, “I remember wanting so badly to be like those girls. They were the faces I looked up to, the body types I admired, the women I constantly compared myself to.”

Rae admits that she nearly fell into disordered eating in college, taking laxatives and even purging a couple of times to try and achieve that image. However, she was able to stop herself, admitting that it’s not an easy thing for some women. “It wasn’t until years later that I realized how lucky I was — I know a lot of women who weren’t able to just quit purging like I did.”

She then admitted that the road to loving herself and trying to be the best version of herself has been a long one, but she hopes that girls will look up to her and the other women in WWE the way she looked up to runway models.

“I hope they can see that I’m proud to run like a girl. I’m proud to fight like a girl! I want these little girls that watch me on TV to feel the same pride in themselves.”

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  1. Why is she still employed? Cut bait with her.

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