Rich Swann and Su Yung Appear to Have Reconciled Following Arrest Incident

rich swann su yung reconcile

It’s been a week since Rich Swann was arrested over an alleged domestic incident involving his wife Su Yung and now she’s posted an update indicating they’ve reconciled.

Yung wrote an update on Facebook — where she accepts fan friend requests — and said, “I can not wait to see my husband tomorrow! After such an awesome weekend of wrestling debuting in two different promotions across America nothing would be better than to see his face.”

As we previously reported, Swann told police he was never physical with his wife.

Our sources say Rich currently has multiple investigators and lawyers working on the case in an effort to prove he was innocent, but a court date hasn’t been set at this point.

The former Cruiserweight Champion is currently suspended indefinitely by WWE while the company waits for everything to play out in front of a judge.

28 Comments on "Rich Swann and Su Yung Appear to Have Reconciled Following Arrest Incident"

  1. Rhuh????

  2. Not too bright, is she?

    • Will Henderson | December 18, 2017 at 4:54 pm | Reply

      she’s a victim of domestic violence, she possibly is scared to death of leaving him.

    • its a common pattern for battered women to go back out of fear. So damn stupid, at least his career in wwe is over, sadly not in wrestling.

      • Jonathan Austin | January 10, 2018 at 11:27 pm | Reply

        Actually stop judging a situation you weren’t involved in? Some of the reports indicate that he manhandled her only to stop her running directly into traffic where she would have been killed. You aren’t wrong in general, but you may be wrong here, so hows about keeping your mouth shut on other people’s business?

        • With the information given when my post was made that information you stated was not out. I was simply giving out a fact on battered women syndrome. How about you keep YOUR mouth shut you hypocrite? Like for real, you come at others and tell them shut up? We’re allowed to say what we want when we want, don’t like it gtfo.

    • Bloundier Marâcàna | December 21, 2017 at 5:01 am | Reply

      What do you mean?

  3. I wish them both the best. That’s all I really care to say in a public forum that wrestlers actually check.

  4. Women. Dumb puta.

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