AJ Styles Says Post-Match ‘Too Sweet’ With Balor Was Not a Directive From Vince McMahon

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“The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles claims the post-match “Too Sweet” between he and Finn Balor at TLC was not a directive from Vince McMahon … despite speculation.

Styles responded to a fan who jokingly wrote that Vince was petty for flying AJ all the way out from Chile just to throw a televised middle finger to the Young Bucks and told them that wasn’t the case.

He explained, “Vince had nothing to do with the 2 sweet between Fin[sp] and I. In fact, I say it was two men showing the world that we haven’t forgotten where we came from.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the cast of Being the Elite recently “invaded” Raw in Anaheim and it lead to the company sending them a cease and desist over their use of “too sweet.” It also led to Jimmy Jacobs being fired from the creative team for taking a picture with the group.

AJ finished by writing, “Forever we will love our BC brothers.”