Ex-WWE Star Stu Bennett Appears in Lucha Underground Finale Epilogue (VIDEO)

wade barrett stu bennett lucha underground finale

Stu Bennett — aka ex-WWE star Wade Barrett — made a surprise appearance Wednesday night on Lucha Underground during the epilogue of season 4.

The finale ended with Aerostar, Dragon Azteca Jr., and King Cuerno discussing the future of the Gauntlet of the Gods and ultimately allowing Black Lotus to kill Matanza with it. 

Jake Strong aka Jack Swagger ultimately gained control of the gauntlet, however, and joined Antonio Cueto in a limo with other villains. The group was informed of Matanza’s death and Cueto looked on in sadness knowing his “son” had died. 

This prompted a man smoking a cigar in the shadows to say they needed a new host to replace Matanza. Bennett then leaned out of the darkness to reveal himself and said, “So, anyone else have any BAD news?”

As you may recall, Bennett made his exit from WWE in 2016 and has largely focused on acting.

While this may be his first appearance in Lucha Underground, it could also be his last since the show’s Executive Producer says he’s unsure if the show will get picked up for Season 5. 

Watch the epilogue below.