Street Profits Summon Solo Cup Storm

A match between Montez Ford and Dolph Ziggler was interrupted when Ford and his fellow Street Profit Angelo Dawkins made it rain … Solo Cups!

The Solo Cup storm occurred on this week’s edition of SmackDown when Robert Roode attempted to interfere in the match.

Ford had the upper hand, so Roode entered the ring to help out his tag partner Ziggler. This prompted Dawkins to run in and protect ford. The Profits were able to fend off Roode and Ziggler, who both left the ring.

At this point, The Street Profits faced one of the turnbuckles and performed the ceremonial Solo Cup dance … and it worked!

Blue Solo Cups began spurting up from the corner of the ring. They landed in the ring, and the Profits did snow angels in them — well, Solo Cup angels.

Sadly, Ford didn’t get a momentum boost from the Storm of Solo Cups, and he went on to lose the match when Dolph finished him off with a super kick.

Check out the Solo Cup storm in the video below.