Stone Cold Thinks Bayley Is ‘One Of The Most Entertaining Heels In The Business’

Stone Cold Steve Austin is singing the praises of WWE Superstar Bayley, calling her “one of the most entertaining heels in the business.”

In a recent interview with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports, Austin talked about staying connected with the current product despite being retired.

“I’m still the biggest fan of the business that I was when I was seven years old changing the channels and stumbled across it,” Austin said.

The Texas Rattlesnake was then asked to name some of his favorite Superstars from the current roster, and that’s when he praised Bayley.

“When she turned heel, I think she was one of the most entertaining heels in the business. There’s layers to her work,” he said.

“Charlotte just came back, and just started tuning in to see what she’s got going on, and Becky Lynch left to have her baby,” Austin added. “But, right now, I really like Bayley’s heel work. I’ve been watching it and liking it for quite some time.”

Austin went on to say that his favorite male wrestler right now is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

“He’s definitely really, really earned the position he’s at in the business today,” he said.

Bayley will appear on on a brand-new episode of The Broken Skull Sessions, on Sunday, January 10.

Check out Ryan Satin’s interview with Austin in the video below!