‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Cut An Awesome Backstage Promo After Raw 25 (VIDEO)

raw 25 stone cold steve austin promo after show video

If you were bummed “Stone ColdSteve Austin didn’t say a word on the microphone during Raw 25, this video of his backstage promo after the show should cheer you up.

In case you missed it, Austin confronted Vince McMahon¬†at the top of the show for crediting himself as the sole reason for Monday Night Raw‘s success. Instead of speaking though, he made his point by hitting Vince and Shane McMahon with stunners.

A fired up Stone Cold then spoke with Mike Rome¬†backstage to explain why he hit the ring during Mr. McMahon’s promo, as well as raise some hell on the WWE interviewer for not being prepared, and it’s classic stuff from The Texas Rattlesnake.