Despite Neck Issue, Sting Feels He Could Still Wrestle Undertaker (AUDIO)

Sting vs. The Undertaker is a match that will likely never happen … but “The Icon” believes he’s still physically capable enough to put on a good match with “The Deadman.”

As you may recall, Sting was forced to retire from the ring due to medical issues. However, the wrestler told Lillian Garcia on the latest Chasing Glory podcast he feels like he and Taker would tell an incredible story if they were somehow given the opportunity.

“It’s sad to, because even at my age, I feel like I could still go — I could still have a real good Undertaker match, for example,” said Sting. “I think we could tell an incredible story with the gimmicks and the mystique of both of them.”

Sting said he’s always yearned for the showdown with Undertaker. Missing out on that match is one of the few regrets he has for not coming to WWE sooner.

“You know, I’ve had these ideas for 20 years — some of the ideas I have in my head,” he added.  “It would be something I think people would talk about for a long time.”

Despite those desires, don’t get confused: Sting says he has no plans to return to the ring.  After being diagnosed with spinal stenosis, he made it clear he’s done.

Listen Garcia’s interview with Sting below.