Sting — Injury NOT Career-Ending … Says Manager

sting wwe injured injury

The injury sustained by Sting at WWE Night of Champions is not believed to be career-ending … contrary to reports — at least that’s what his manager is claiming.

In a statement posted on Sting’s official Facebook page, the manager says, “As many of you may already know, Sting is undergoing treatment for the injuries he sustained in last night’s match with Seth Rollins. Doctors will continue to evaluate his condition, but he is a man of remarkable health and resiliency, especially at his age and with all he’s endured throughout his stellar career.”

The rep continues, “Therefore, we are optimistic he will have a speedy recovery and return to full health soon.”

According to the rep, Sting’s injury was sustained during the match — but the wrestler insisted on toughing it out until the end — which may have been why things looked a little clunky near the finish.

Unclear if any further update will be given by WWE on Sting’s condition.