Steve Austin Says Edge’s Return Doesn’t Make Him Consider a Comeback

stone cold steve austin edge return doesnt make him consider comeback wwe injury neck

With Edge returning over the weekend after retiring due to a neck injury, fans have wondered if “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is considering a comeback as well – but don’t hold your breath, because the WWE legend says no.

Austin reviewed the 2020 Royal Rumble on the latest episode of his podcast and when the topic of Edge’s return came up he was asked the million dollar question.

“Basically you’re asking me, based on Edge’s return, would I consider making a return? No. Whatever Edge is doing has nothing to do with me,” he replied. “I’m done. I’ve already said I’m done.”

“When I see a guy whose kinda had a similar type of neck situation as I had, or neck surgery in general, and to leave the business when he did nine years ago and then come back, I’m like ‘Ok. Man, be careful out there.’ Ya know? Cause I haven’t seen you in action. And we know it’s a very physical business. You can get hurt any time, any way. It can be very dangerous. So just please be careful.” 

As we previously reported, Edge signed a new multi-year contract with WWE in which he’s expected to participate in a few big matches a year.

During last night’s episode of Raw, the wrestler said he did this all to be able to leave the business on his terms next time.

CLICK HERE to listen to this week’s episode of “The Steve Austin Show.”